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How it Works – Invest

Funding opportunities are matched and presented to P&W’s database of investors. Investors reserve and fund. Our process is simple as described below.
  1. Initial summary on an available funding opportunity is delivered by email to registered investors.
  2. Investor wishing to fund will request a Reservation Form, execute, and return.
  3. Once all due diligence is complete, closing agent/attorney prepares closing documents. Institutional investors wishing to fund may perform their own due diligence.
  4. Closing agent/attorney provides investor a Closing Protection Letter and investor wires funds to settlement agent 48 hours prior to scheduling a closing.
  5. Settlement takes place and closing attorney / title company records transaction at county courthouse, putting Investor in 1st lien position.
  6. *Closing agent/attorney transfers loan data and any escrow funds to servicer of investors choice, along with any escrow funds.
  7. Closing package is sent to investor. Includes closing statement, original note and deed of trust (or mortgage), property appraisal, assignment of both, hazard and liability insurance, listing Investor as the insured and title policy in Investors favor.






*Investor has the option to use servicer recommended by P&W, their own servicing company, or service their note themselves. A professional servicer maintains all loan data in their processing system, provides all statements and notices, provides monthly balances, posts all payments and handles escrow. Fees for monthly servicing vary. All other set up fees are paid by the borrower.