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Paper and Wire offers Max Cash for your Mortgage Note with a Fast Close. Quotes are quick, simple, and free without the pushy sales pitch. If you decide to accept our offer, you can expect a smooth streamlined hassle free process. We appreciate the opportunity.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY work directly with the actual note holding Seller, a direct family member on behalf of the Seller, an attorney on behalf of the Seller, a personal representative of the Seller which has a legitimate Power of Attorney, or the Owner of a Company as the Seller — NO EXCEPTIONS! We DO NOT work with company agents, note brokers, note finders, or other types of note locators. If you are a potential referral source, please call us for a brief discussion.

Locate your REAL ESTATE NOTE or CONTRACT and related documents. Most of the information we require is stated on the documents you should already have in your possession regarding the sale or financing of your property. Please be VERY SPECIFIC and provide us the EXACT information requested, particularly dates and figures. After we have evaluated the details of your transaction, we will present you an extremely generous CASH offer and we will also pay for all closing costs, (except commercial appraisals), so you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses. The more information you can provide will allow us to make the absolute highest maximum CASH offer possible, and that means MORE MONEY in your pocket!

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