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Because it Works, Because it Matters – Build Wealth, Protect Capital

Paper and Wire creates properly structured mortgage notes with deeds of trust, which produce high yields paid monthly. Capital is protected by 1st lien position and deep equity. Investor maintains full control of the paper asset, as this is not a pooled or fractionalized fund.

Each and every funding opportunity is hand selected and undergoes an extensive compliance and legal review, ensuring investment produces steady income and principal protection. We have created millions of dollars of debt notes since 2010 with ZERO losses. Our trust deed investments are straight forward and easy to understand – High Yields with Capital Protection.

Any individual – including non-accredited, with capital to deploy, may invest in Paper and Wire’s High Yield Note Investment Opportunities. Investors may use an IRA, SEP, a Trust, LLC, Pension, 401K, or lend in their own name. There are NO load fees or commissions for Investors to pay.



Paper and Wire High Yield Notes Provide:


The beauty of a trust deed investment is that the cash flow to the investor is constant. This makes for steady, dependable, and consistent secured high yield returns - or passive income your capital generates for you every month.


A first and only lien position, backed by collateral with deep equity - on a carefully screened private note, makes for one of the very best wealth builders. Investing in Paper and Wire's High Yield Notes is safe, smart, and low risk.


If you've ever borrowed money from a bank, you understand the basics of trust deed investing. As a trust deed investor, you've simply switched seats to the lending side of the table. You are the bank.


Diversify into real estate assets without the hassle of being a landlord. The borrower of the funds handles the daily management of the property including the repairs, maintenance, keeping the property rented, and dealing with renters. You receive a monthly check.

Private Money For Bank Alternative Borrowers with Collateral

Conventional banks are extremely conservative these days. Quite frankly, banks only lend to those investors who can demonstrate they don’t need to borrow!

Paper and Wire structures private money loans for experienced real estate investors who buy properties with the intention of renting them out, letting them appreciate over time, and selling them after the prices have increased. We also structure private money loans for property flippers. These real estate professionals purchase properties, repair them, and immediately sell them on the open market to earn a profit. These properties are typically in despair and in need of renovations … some minor, some major. These properties are typically purchased as foreclosures, short sales, or from private sellers in “as-is” condition – at a discount.

These borrowers seek bank alternative financing for various reasons – from time of the essence transactions, inability to disclose financials, to sub-par property condition. There are many worthy borrowers with desirable collateral who seek funding from Paper and Wire’s qualified network. And we only structure and present those request which meet our carefully crafted criteria.



Paper and Wire High Yield Notes – For Smart, Safe, Secure Cash Flow and Wealth Building.

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Proven High Yields

Fixed, Predictable – not volatile like the stock market  -  

First Position Deed of Trust

Capital Protection  -  

Collateralized with Deep Equity

Makes P&W High Yield Notes Low Risk  -  

Consistent Monthly Cash Flow

It’s how wealth is built  -  


Retirement Accounts That Are Typically Eligible For Trust Deed Investing Include:

• Roth IRAs
• Pensions
• Profit Sharing Plans
• Solo 401(k)s
• Self Directed IRAs
• Health Caring Savings Account (HSAs)
• Self Directed Educational Savings Account (ESAs)

This is not a complete list of potential investment vehicles. Check with the custodian or managing agent of your retirement accounts to find out if your account qualifies. If your current custodian or manager does not permit alternatives, there are several companies that specialize in retirement accounts that can help you invest in trust deeds. For more information and rules for investing with retirement accounts, see IRS Publication 590 and/or a qualified advisor.


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Simple and Direct – You’re In Control

This is not a pooled or fractionalized fund. Your money is not mixed in with numerous other investors’ money. A pool does not allow you (as the trust deed investor) control of the investment being made and gives you little control should something happen. Historically, individual trust deeds have performed better than pools during crisis situations because one person is making a decision instead of many. Investing with Paper and Wire High Yield Notes allows you full control… always.


Paper and Wire creates notes nationwide. We will be glad to provide you investment listings with collateral in the location of your choice.